24 Artists to Watch in 2024

New year, new music! After all the reflections at the end of the year it is time for a fresh start. Time to get into the 2024 Newcomers and find the ones that might just be your favourite new artist. Let’s have a look at all the artists and bands who have a promising year ahead of them. These talents from all kinds of genres are on my 2024 newcomers list. And they also should be on your watchlist! 

Rock Newcomers

Photo Credit: Phoebe Fox

The Last Dinner Party

The indie-rock band from the UK are heading into a year of success, as their much-anticipated debut album Prelude to Ecstasy drops on the 25th of February. They opened for Hozier last fall and won over hearts of many new fans with their bold baroque aesthetic and captivating aura on stage. Their debut single “Nothing Matters” has catapulted them into the music industry like it happens only rarely. The Last Dinner Party is a band that everyone will speak about, and which brings their music to life on stage in a bold way. 

Recommended If You Like: Florence + the Machine, Mitski, Wolf Alice 

Photo: Michelle Pitris

Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers

The band from Australia is known for their pop-punk and rock sound. Their EP was titled Pretty Good for a Girl Band and the title sets the tone. The four-piece stands for gender politic topics and a fiery sound that makes you want to scream and dance along. Empowerment is written all over their discography and from 2015 on Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers has come a long way. They are versatile and bold and absolutely should be on your watchlist for the upcoming year. 


Photo: Evie Mayes

The Beaches

In Canade The Beaches are already a well-known band that is all over the radio. Their album Blame My Ex is a true masterpiece with catchy songs that won’t leave your mind for days because you keep wanting to scream the fun lyrics. Self- Empowerment and heartbreak are leading motives of their songs and the way they do it is so witty and refreshing. I don’t take no for an answer, the Canadian power band will make a name for themselves internationally in a matter of time. 

RIYL: The Regrettes, The Last Dinner Party, Olivia Rodrigo 

Photo: Jennifer McCord

Picture Parlour

Another Rock sensation from the UK, let’s go! Picture Parlour are four music enthusiasts that formed their band in Manchester. They love live music, and are made to perform with the voice of front singer Katherine Parlour that has a voice every rock band dreams of. The raspy dark sounds fills their tracks and even though only two songs are officially released yet, it is obvious how Picture Parlour has that special sound and feel you will recognize in a million.  

RIYL: Black Honey, HotWax, Blondshell

Pop Newcomers

Photo: Ryan Clemens

Chappell Roan

Chappell Roan truly is the new pop princess. Her debut album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess was praised by the music industry in 2023 and that for a good reason. She has the vocals, the songwriting skills and the stage presence of a popstar. Chappell is loved by the LGBTQIA+ community for her love and support and honest words to express her lived experience entering the queer scene. An empowering woman that rocks the stage every chance she gets. Chappell will be opening the Europe tour for no other than Olivia Rodrigo this year! Pop girlies unite because this newcomer is for you all.  


Photo: Eva Smittle

Daisy The Great

This duo is blessing us with their finest indie-pop. For their latest album Kelley Nicole Dugan & Mina Walker joined forces with a full band and create multi layered tracks with innovative harmonies. Their song “Record Player” was a huge hit on TikTok and even led them to get the band AJR as a feature on this song. Daisy the Great sound different on every song and keep reinventing themselves. What stays is the unique and dreamy feel while listening to their music, which makes you forget about your problems for a little while.  

RIYL: AJR, dodie, Cavetown

Photo: Frank Fieber

Nieve Ella

Nieve Ella is making inward looking pop from her bedroom; how much more personal can we get with music? It is the secret to her success because this intimate feeling makes it relatable to so many people out there. Music is therapy and yes I can recommend Nieve Ella as your therapist. Inspired from Phoebe Bridgers and Sam Fender, with this newcomers music you get the best of both worlds! Personal storytelling combined with flawless guitar riffs leading your through the tracks. An absolute recommendation of mine is to give Nieve Ella a go and maybe you’ll get some of the last desired tickets for her Europe tour this year. 

RIYL: boygenius, DYLAN, Maisie Peters 

Photo: Amanda Keali

Ashlynn Malia

Ashlynn Malia says that she is in her “ethereal pop era” and you all should be too! On the 2nd of February her debut album MALIA will be ours and we can dive into the artists world. Ashlynn is a true artist and lets us into her imagination and soul with her music. Her new album is all about exploration, and the LA based singer-songwriter takes us on a journey of stepping into herself. She handles music with such an artistic approach that there is a special connection when you listen to her tracks. Give her etheral and spiritual dark pop a try and see for yourself!

RIYL: Halsey, Lana Del Rey, SZA

Photo: Carolyn Knapp

Lynn Lapid

With her soothing voice Lyn Lapid brings hope and healing to those who are struggling. The Filipino-American singer and songwriter makes feel-good indie for all the quiet people. Her lyrics create a warm and cozy feeling of understanding that are often accompanied by ukulele or piano sounds. At 20 years old Lyn got to collab with Ruth B on a song called “Do U Really?”. She has been a fan of the artist for years and now got to create a hypnotic track with her idol. Dreams do come true if you believe in them…

RIYL: Billie eilish, Joji, mxmtoon 

Photo: Elizabeth Marsh

Hana Eid

This emerging artist from Nashville is creating beautiful songs that give you the feeling of being a little less alone. An angsty sound and heartfelt lyrics give Hanas take on indie-pop a unique flair. The beginning of her music leads back to an acoustic tone, and now she uses rock influences to broaden her artistic field. Her youthful vibe makes Hana Eid stand out and her latest singles “Between Your Teeth” and “Weird” imply that there is an interesting era coming up this year. We are ready for more! 

RIYL: Holly Humberstone, Caroline Culver, Chelsea Cutler 

Folk Newcomers

Photo: Hayley Mikell


Brenn! Is a young new artist based in Alabama that leads a whole new generation into folk-pop. To create his magic, he only needs a guitar and his raspy voice. His songs capture the feeling of coming of age and breaking free, like going on an adventure. Brenn! strums his way into your new favourites playlist and definitely into your heart. With new songs being teased we really hope for an album coming our way soon.  

RIYL: Conan Gray, Noah Kahan, Novo Amor 

Photo: Joey Wasilewski

Medium Build

Songs of Medium Build ooze with emotion and pain since he is discovering and processing his deepest feelings in music. The artist from Alaska doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics and just yells out whatever he feels. His EP Health that came out in 2023 is such a good record that makes you feel his pure love for music in every lyric and note. I highly recommend to also listen to the live versions of his songs, because yes, they hit you even more in the feels. Get your tissues ready and sing along to Medium Build

RIYL: Mumford and Sons, Lewis Capaldi, Post Malone 

Photo: Marlowe Ostara


Alec Duckart aka Searows is an artist from Oregon that creates music with a nostalgic sound. His music makes you imagine the Pacific Northwest and it almost feels like being caught in a snow globe. You’re standing still, just like the world around you when snow is slowly floating around you. His voice paints the scene with motifs like loss and longing. Listening to Searows is like reading poetry and getting lost in the beauty of it.   

RIYL: Phoebe Bridgers, Ethel Cain, Bon Iver 

Photo: Shervin Lainez

Tiny Habits

The American folk-pop band Tiny Habits from Massachusetts consists of the 3 members Maya Rae, Cinya Khan and Judah Mayowa. Their story begins in a dorm room where they first started jamming together. As they overcame shared struggles at college, they grew together and built a great friendship. There is nothing quite like harmonies of a band that know each other so well, it just works perfectly! 

RIYL: Gracie Abrams, Phoebe Bridgers, Sulfjan Stevens  

Indie / Alternative Newcomers

Photo: Instagram @lovespellslovesyou

Love Spells

The indie Dream-pop artist Love Spells from Housten Texas creates a stunning atmosphere with the sound of his wispy and androgynous voice. The vibes differ from haunting to hopeful and swerve around his inspiration that he draws from the stages of being in love. Having a crush or going through a heartbreak, or anything in between really… Love Spells will make you feel understood. There is a healing energy surrounding the artists music and a certain comfort created when listening to his songs. No doubt that the artist will make an impressive name for himself. 

RIYL: Cigarettes After Sex, Role Model, Joji 

Photo: Percy Walker Smith

Lime Garden

Brighton is well known for its artistry and music affinity and the band Lime Garden is its newest gem. Their upcoming album “One More Thing” will be yours on the 16th of February and singles like “I Want to Be You” and “Nepotism (baby)” further their booming reputation. The alt-indie genre is full of newcomers, but Lime Garden have that certain something that makes them stand out from the rest. Even Hayley William from Paramore has already complimented the four-piece band, and oh how I trust her opinion on that! 

RIYL: Wet Leg, Paramore, Nilüfer Yanya 

Photo: Neema Sadegh

Dora Jar

Dora Jar already got the chance to be an opening act for Billlie Eilish and The 1975 at their latest tours. Her experimental and eccentric indie rock just hits different. With an angelic voice Dora Jar casts a spell on you, and it is impossible to erase those catchy songs off your mind ever again. Keep an eye out, because Dora is not afraid to try any weird approaches to music and performances. It is so refreshing that it can only lead to a bright future for her musical career!

RIYL: Benee, Wet Leg, FIZZ  

Photo: Alexandra Petruck

Black Polish 

The alt-pop scene gains a new talent with Jayden Nicole Binnix aka Black Polish, who releases a debut album on the 26th of January. Their debut album titled Forest (Mosters Live In The Trees) is only the beginning of a big year for the LGBTQIA+ artist. They elaborated that the forest for them is a state of mind rather than a place. The LP explore themes of feeling trapped, wanting to escape with no way out. Get ready to dive into mystical and eerie sounds paired with personal heartbreaking songwriting which leave you wanting more at the end of every song. 

RIYL: Billie Eilish, Girl In Red, Lorde 

Photo: Instagram @minovaofficial


The first second I heard the voice of Minova I was amazed by the calming effect of her sound. Soft guitars accompany the singers’ silk smooth voice and make you just want to close your eyes and daydream. The atmosphere of her music makes it feel like you could drift off into another world. There are currently four released songs available of the 19-year old indie singer, songwriter and producer. Let’s hope that the new year blesses us with more Minova content to fuel our escapism and daydreaming to her beautiful music.  

RIYL: Clairo, Lizzy McAlpine, Julien Baker 

Photo: Mala Kolumna


UCHE YARA honestly would deserve an own category with her experimental and genreless music. The 19-year-old artist with Nigerian roots from Austria is extraordinary in her sound and talent. She writes, produces and plays the instruments herself and delivers her pieces with a voice that you can recognise with ease. On her website she proudly states: “I am my own band”. Her debut single “www she hot” is one of the most interesting tracks I have discovered in a while. It is an ode to planet earth that effortlessly combines many genres with a huge take on 90’s grunge, which is just really fun to listen to. With only 3 released songs so far I am super excited to see where 2024 will take us on her musical journey.  

RIYL: RAYE, Portugal. The Man, Dominic Fike

Electronic Newcomer

Photo: Reuben Bastienne


Venbee takes Drum and Bass and gives it a twist into the pop genre. With a voice and aura that sometimes makes me think of Billie Eilish she adds lyrics to dance beats that should be played at any party. Her tracks “messy in heaven” and “low down” have gained massive success in 2023, and with the electronic music becoming more and more popular I believe she can achieve really big things this year. So watch out, the next time you hear an absolute banger on the dancefloor it might just be a hit by Venbee.  

RIYL: Rudimental, Fred Again.., Billie Eilish 

R&B Newcomers

Photo: Saskia Kovandzich

Say Now

The British Girl Group Say Now is delivering bops only. Fusing R&B and Pop, the three singers are putting storytelling and empowerment into their songs. With beautiful vocals and harmonies, they are winning the hearts of many fans and grow a strong following on social media. With the same management that once managed Little Mix and One Direction they are very likely to be a new band sensation! 

RIYL: Little Mix, Sabrina Carpenter, Tate McRae 

Photo: Adam Saunders

Maina Doe 

In Australia Maina Doe has already taken over the underground R&B scene. Now it is time to let the whole world know about her talent. The emerging artist from Sydney has a superstar attitude and shows her creativity in music videos and visualizers for her music. With catchy tracks and a smooth voice that you can listen to for ages, she is bound to take over the R&B world in a matter of time. 

Recommended if you like: Doja Cat, Kehlani, Jorja Smith  

Photo: Charlotte Patmore


Eloise is turning Jazz and R&B influences into songs that have you vibing and feeling cozy. She effortlessly delivers incredible breezy vocals that get you in your feelings. Exactly that is what the English singer wants; to make you feel. With her debut album “Drunk On A Flight” that came out in 2023 she put out a piece of work that showcases her talent. Eloise is on a mission to make jazzy music popular again, and I am so down for it! 

RIYL: Olivia Dean, Arlo Parks, Lizzy McAlpine 

What a year to look forward to! I bet there is a new artist to be found for anyone on this list. In the upcoming months I will give you more insights on the 2024 Newcomers on this list. Follow me on Instagram to not miss out on any updates. Get ready for interviews, album reviews, concert experiences and more. In the meantime, feel free to check out this playlist that includes all my top picks form my 2024 Newcomers to watch.

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