• Cigarettes After Sex band portrait in black and white.
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    Cigarettes After Sex Share New Single Dark Vacay: From Heartbreak and Nostalgia

    Cigarettes After Sex released the second single “Dark Vacay” of their anticipated upcoming album “X’s”. The song dives into the topic of looking back to beautiful memories from a perspective where they already fell apart. The nostalgia of wishing you appreciated the beauty while it lasted is captured in the moody soundscape, tranquil guitars and hushed vocals. Lead singer Greg Gonzalez describes the song like this: “This song is about a romance I had a few years ago. We went on tour together & were lucky enough to go to all these wonderful places, mostly having fun at first. As the tour continued though, everything started falling apart & we…

  • Cover picture in Black and white of the new Aimei媚 track "I Like U Looking At Me"
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    Aimei媚 Releases New Track “I Like U Looking At Me”

    Aimei媚 is a young talent that brings fresh sounds into the realm of dark pop and adds catchy electronic beats to her tracks. With only two released songs she is already showing off her huge potential. Can it be a hot summer day already? Because her new single I Like U Looking At Me is the perfect song to dance a summer night away! It steps into the footsteps of her first single V&V which sets a similar brilliant tone. Blurry visuals, catchy melodies, and lyrics that capture the feeling of figuring out the world all unite in the fluorescent world of Aimei媚 . The style of Aimei媚 is distinct…

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    The Best Albums of 2023

    There were so many great music releases this year and newcomers as well as long beloved artists putting out new projects that won over my heart. All the rankings and memories led to this list of my personal best albums of 2023. Let’s get started with my 10 favourite picks. 10) Snow Angel – Reneé Rapp Such a confident debut album with amazing vocals. A mix of emotional ballads and upbeat tracks that are made to be performed on stage. Reneé is a popstar in the making and we are SO ready for whatever comes next! Fave Song: Gemini Moon 9)Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd…

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    MAY-A: The EP “Analysis Paralysis” is Discovering her Various Talents

    As much as I want to gatekeep this new music gem, I just can’t shut up about how amazing MAY-A is. So let me introduce you to her newest project! The 22-year old Australian musician and visual artist suddenly popped up on my TikTok for you page and haven’t left my mind since then. Her song Lola captured my attention and made me fall in love with the new EP Analysis Paralysis, which came out in September2023. Get ready for artsy music videos, queer anthems and a big dose of grungy pop rock. Let’s Dive Into the Songs The first song Something Familiar has a light sound and dynamic feel…

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    Claire Rosinkranz – Coming Of Age on her Debut Album “Just Because”

    Claire Rosinkranz is finally releasing her debut album Just Because! In a press conference organized by °1824, I could hear Claire give more insights on the process of making this album and was enchanted by the singers lively and positive energy. Emotions, Emotions, and more Emotions The album is a resemblance of Claires life when she wrote it. Being 19 is such a rollercoaster and the singer captured this coming of age energy in each and every song. 13 tracks that represent a section of Claires brain came to live, when she let us in on their meanings and background stories. As someone who feels emotions very deeply I could…

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    “The Maine” Are Entering A New Era With Self-Titled Album

    When I gave this album a listen I got reminded of my love for Pop Punk and how I listened to The Maine’s previous albums religiously when I was 17. The Maine has brought out their self titled record and define the bands new sound in 10 tracks. Just like the album cover art the atmosphere is dark, moody and electric. The guys from Arizona managed to create the perfect modern rock album for late night car drives in summer. How To Start Off An Album… A guitar riff leads us into the more pop-ish first song of the record “dose no.2”. There’s immediate good vibes that continue through the…

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    The Good Witch – Album Review

    The Good Witch is a snapshot of Maisie Peters‘s life at the moment she wrote this album. A reflection on a broken heart that shines light on the good and bad, but most importantly her way of coming out of it stronger than ever. This sophomore album has amazing song writing, witty lyrics and the perfect pop sound to make this your new sing along record. The singer from the UK smartly includes tarot visuals and metaphors on love and its magic in the album’s visuals and sound. The Good Witch is a rollercoaster of emotions and I’m happy to guide you through it in this album review!  Act 1…

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    Boygenius – Album Review

    Boygenius is a group consisting of the three indie rock musicians Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. They call themselves “the boys”, the trio released their self-titled debut EP in 2018 and now brought out the long awaited first Album called “the record”. Finally, we can hear more of their vision and sound.  Baker, Dacus and Bridgers aren’t your typical band, the way they harmonise and let their different influences flow together is simply unique. So the expectations for the debut album were high considering the amount of singer-songwriter power that comes together in this supergroup. The songs sometimes get carried by one of the artists while in other…