Chappell Roan Review: One Fascinating Performance in Amsterdam

Chappell Roan is on her Europe tour and takes us on a colourful trip through her debut album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess. On the 9th of December it is finally time. The pop princess is taking over the Melkweg Amsterdam with her colourful energetic show. The audience is showing up in cowboy hats, glitter, leather and highly artistic makeup. Chappell’s shows are a type of costume party as she gives a theme based on one of her songs for each city on her tour. For Amsterdam and Paris, the theme is based on her song My Kink Is Karma. Check out the music video and see for yourself!

Chappell knows how to have fun!

As an opener Chappell Roan picks two local drag queens for every tour stop. First you get to dress up and now you experience a drag show? Already sounds like a very fun evening, right!? Two drag queens give their everything in a 30-minute performance that was equally stunning and funny. The crowd is more than ready for Chappell to go on stage.

When the pop queen finally enters the stage, the crowd immediately starts moving and fans dance along to Femininomenon. Chappell Roan is dancing around stage and takes in the energy of the room. Throughout the whole set she is smiling and looks like she is having the time of her life. This energy rubs off on the fans and it quickly turns into a big dance party. With upbeat tracks like Red Wine Supernova and Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl the setlist is starting off with one bop after another.

Fan interactions that melted my heart

Rarely have I seen an artist that is so genuine and interacts as much with the crowd like Chappel did that night. Her sassy humour and friendly aura invited fans to chat with her in between songs and she replied to many comments and shouts. And her fans did not come unprepared! They brought her stuffed animals and drawn pictures and she happily collects all the gifts. “I should quickly put the gifts to the side I really don’t want another accident” joked Roan. She tells us the story how at another show she accidentally stomped on a pretty bouquet of flower while dancing on stage. Oops, you better keep these presents safe Chappell 🙂

My favourite moment was probably when the singer taught all the unknowing boyfriends in the crowd a dance choreography to one of her songs. Chappell Fans know it is time for her track HOT TO GO! The dance is easy and fun, and we practice a few times before she actually starts playing it. While looking around I see everyone doing this cute dance in unity and can’t help but smile seeing all the happy faces in the crowd.

In case you need a little dance break:)

Let’s get emotional

Chappell Roans music is feminine, queer-friendly, and full of honest emotions. Her concert really felt like a safe space and experiencing her outfits, speeches and lyrics live I get a little emotional thinking of her background story. Chappell Roan, aka Kayleigh Rose Amstutz, grew up in Missouri where there was little space and understanding for her lifestyle and self-expression. As she moved out to Los Angeles, she could freely live as a queer woman for the first time. This personal story is encapsulated in her debut album, and it was a crazy experience seeing her go through the emotions singing these songs on stage.

A little acoustic set follows where the light dims and she performs Coffee only with her guitarist Eliza. There is a loud silence in the room as everyone takes in her breath-taking vocals. Before Chappell goes into performing the ballad Kaleidoscope on the piano, she holds an emotional speech.

“I hope that you know that however you are tonight and wherever you are in life I just hope you know that you are wanted here and that I’m grateful for you. Not only do I want you here, but I celebrate you for all that you are.(…) Just thank you for showing up just as you are.”

Amsterdam loved Chappel Roans Pink Pony Club

When she starts singing the first notes of Bad Romance a cover of Lady Gage, the queen of self-expression herself, it really feels like a full-circle moment. Everyone knows the lyrics and the party is ready to go into the next round. With tracks like Naked In Manhattan and My Kink Is Karma the energy is on a high again and what can I say… Chappel’s vocals and her energetic performance are truly something else. I want that girl’s energy!

With California and Pink Pony Club the night comes to an end, and I feel extremely happy and fulfilled. This show was everything I expected and more. There was dancing, singing, crying, laughter and I just felt free and careless for some hours. There is nothing but positive energy which Chappell Roan radiates, and I am so grateful that I got to see her in a tiny venue with only 650 people.

If you have not heard of Chappell Roan yet, do yourself a favour and check out her discography. The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess is in my absolute top albums of 2023 and I can’t wait for our pop princess to release more iconic music in the future!

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