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Cigarettes After Sex Share New Single Dark Vacay: From Heartbreak and Nostalgia

Cigarettes After Sex released the second single “Dark Vacay” of their anticipated upcoming album “X’s”. The song dives into the topic of looking back to beautiful memories from a perspective where they already fell apart. The nostalgia of wishing you appreciated the beauty while it lasted is captured in the moody soundscape, tranquil guitars and hushed vocals.

Lead singer Greg Gonzalez describes the song like this: “This song is about a romance I had a few years ago. We went on tour together & were lucky enough to go to all these wonderful places, mostly having fun at first. As the tour continued though, everything started falling apart & we ended up breaking up by the end of it. I was left wishing that we were somehow able to see all of the beauty around us before it was too late…”

Album Release and Tour News

The new Cigarettes After Sex album X’s will be out on July 12th. The album focuses on the ending of a relationship and is an emotional telling of this time and memories. “I have to confront everything I went through, that’s just how I make peace,” confirms Gonzalez. “These are like photographs, and if I write a song then it’ll always be dear to me, and yes, it’s painful that it’s gone, but I’m just so fucking lucky I had that ever.” Additinoally, the band has also anounced a world tour! After seeing their breathtaking performance last fall I highly encourage anyone that’s still in dout to secure your ticket. Cigarettes After Sex live shows are a spectacular and intimate rollercoaster of emotions that you don’t want to miss out on!

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