Claire Rosinkranz – Coming Of Age on her Debut Album “Just Because”

Claire Rosinkranz is finally releasing her debut album Just Because! In a press conference organized by °1824, I could hear Claire give more insights on the process of making this album and was enchanted by the singers lively and positive energy.

Emotions, Emotions, and more Emotions

The album is a resemblance of Claires life when she wrote it. Being 19 is such a rollercoaster and the singer captured this coming of age energy in each and every song. 13 tracks that represent a section of Claires brain came to live, when she let us in on their meanings and background stories.

As someone who feels emotions very deeply I could relate to Claire so much. She wants to experience life to the fullest and feel the whole range of emotions, these events fuel her songwriting and creativity. The authenticity and relatable aspect of Claires music is playing a big part in creating a safe space, which is one of her main goals as an artist.


Which songs of the album represent your personality the best?

Swinging at the Stars expresses my desire to dive into life and do risky things to feel intense emotions. On the other hand I really like Banksy because it channels the feeling of loneliness. I wrote it when I wasn’t feeling lonely but it helped me later on in a situation where I felt very isolated.

What was your biggest challenge in the process of making the album?

Many of the songs are kind of a diary dump and came to me very effortlessly. I made them with such ease but the hard part was to look back onto the tracks later on and see what I was going through. It helped me to reflect on feelings that I didn’t always fully acknowledge before.

We’re all living in Claires World…

Playful music is a tool for Claire to pull her out of the heaviness of life. In the studio she feels like everything is possible and the flow of life and emotion helped her to create this debut album. Capturing the teenage spirit in her indie music, she has a talent to make you feel understood and heard.

Life is always evolving and so is her sound, Claire teased that currently she is working on more stripped back music. This could be a reflection on life, as she learned that it is now time to be more present, and slow down to take care of her health.

Let’s celebrate the release of Just Because, a masterpiece from Claire Rosinkranz for beach drives and hangouts with your friends. Turn it up and see your life play out like a movie scene to each song.

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