Em Beihold: Telling Us Why “Maybe Life is Good”

Giving us hope and brutal honesty in her songs, that’s what Em Beihold stands for. In a press conference organized by °1824 the American singer talks about her newest single “Maybe Life is Good”, the upcoming tour and her goals for the year. We got to know a lot about the backgrounds of Em Beiholds music and will share to most important news from the conference with you!

Get to know Em Beihold…

She called out her music for having a theme of “Anxiety, but make it Pop” and honestly that’s spot on. Her bubbly aura and bright visuals give a lightness to the deep topics she discusses. Her music is inspired by idols like MARINA, Florence + The Machine and Lorde, channelling their 2000’s pop unique energy. Beihold said “If I will be one thing as an artist then honest and blunt and true to myself.” And we are so here for that! Since her viral hit “Numb Little Bug” Em Beihold had successful collabs with other artists like Lauren Spencer Smith and GAYLE on their song “Fantasy” and she keeps growing with every project that she takes on.

Can you tell us about your new single “Maybe Life is Good” and why you named the upcoming tour after it?

Writing this song was a life vest out of depression and manifesting more positivity in my life. I really wasn’t feeling those feelings while singing about it at all. Back then, I went through a dark time but just putting a band aid on it won’t help cause you have to go through it. I call it a pessimistic optimist song, because the focus is on MAYBE life is good. I really want to see less negativity and more positivity. On tour I’ll sing about the good and bad, happy songs about sad things, and it felt like a right name for creating a safe space.

What was your favourite “I made it” moment so far?

I flew out my parents to watch me on Jimmy Fallon which was such a crazy moment. It honestly seemed too surreal to be true. They have been through all ups and downs with me, and we cried a little. Also opening for the Jonas Brothers in a stadium was so cool!

How do you balance your mental and emotional wellbeing as a person in the music industry?

My most important factors for that are exercising, crafts and spending time with friends and family. It is also important to have the right friends which don’t drain me or whom I compare myself to. It is good for me to not keep my life fully centred around music but look for people and activities outside of that circle.

Final Thoughts…

Em Beihold is such an important mental health advocate and speaking to her honestly felt like an hour of big sister advice. Her vulnerability and blunt honesty is the biggest strength she has, that makes her lyrics so relatable and heartfelt. While she figures out how to keep writing about her own life and feelings without exhausting herself there are so many more ways Em Beihold blossoms with creativity. From creating the ideas for her “Alice in Wonderland-ish” music videos to beautiful embroidery projects she is full of creativity. Her new single “Maybe Life is Good” reminds us to seek out the positive and with the tour having the same name it’s safe to say Em will create a safe space for us to go through our feelings together.

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