Grammy Nominations 2024: What about these 6 Artists?

It’s that time of the year where we get the Grammy nominations and see what we all have been waiting for. Which artists and releases get a chance to win the biggest price in music for their work? Many amazing and talented artists have been chosen but there are also some surprises. Let me tell you which artists have not been chosen but totally would have deserved a spot on the list.

Sabrina Carpenter had the biggest year of her career

With her album emails I can’t send and the big achievement to be an opening act for Taylor Swifts Eras Tour I was convinced we would see Sabrina on the Grammy nominations list for Best New Artist. With her viral song Nonsense and other witty tracks like Feather and because i liked a boy she establishes her name as one of the rising pop girlies. Sadly, she didn’t make it into the category but her success speaks for itsself. There surely is a big year coming for Sabrina anyways looking at what she achieved so far.

RAYE finally became an independent artist and explored many genres successfully

The fact that RAYE did not get a single Grammy nomination is totally unexpected and shocking. Her vocals, outstanding debut album and touching sonwriting should have gotten her multiple places in different categories. With hits like Escapism and Prada RAYE made a name for herself and showcased talent across many genres. With major RnB influences in her voice and sound I would have hoped for a nomination in this genre specifically. Anyways, nomination or not, RAYE is on a pipeline to be one of the greatest voices of our generation. Therefore, it is just a matter of time until she will get the recognition she deserves.

Reneé Rapp put acting on ice to work on singing career

Reneé was definitely on my list of artists rooting for the Best New Artist category this year. With her debut album Snow Angel she elevated her singing career to a whole new level. Especially her incredible vocals would have justified a placement in the Best Pop Vocal nominations. The grandiose quality of Snow Angel indicates that she will go far. We are all rooting for you next year Reneé!

Hozier enchated everyone with his new album but seems to be overlooked by the Grammy jury

His new album Unreal Unearth created a big hype around the release. Songs like Eat Your Young and Francesca did incredibly well and Hoziers poetic writing is simply a reason itsself to be awrded. His musical talent showcased on stage is gathering thousands of fans that want to see him on tour. He would be a worthy candidate in the category of Best Alternative Performance since his live shows carry that unexplainable special feeling paired with vocals that leave you speechless.

Noah Kahan gets one nomination, but is that enough ?

Thankfully, Noah Kahan made it into the category of Best New Artist. Well deserved! After his songs went viral on TikTok he built a huge fanbase and had a groundbreaking year for his career. With the album Stick Season he made a name for himself and established his folk pop sound. Lately he released many features including artists like Post Malone, Hozier, Lizzy Mc Alpine and more. His growth in 2023 is extraordinary and it is a pity that he is not mentioned in more categories.

NF does not get the credit he deserves for his unique visuals and storytelling

NF has been in the rap business for a long time and with his album HOPE he delivered a lyrical masterpiece this year. Playing a sold out tour all over the world he brough the album to his fans. The rapper is known for strong visuals that align with his stroytelling. A nomination in Best Rap Album or Best Music Video would have been a deserved reward for his talent.

See all Grammy Nominations here. Congratulations to all the artists that are chosen for their exceptional work this year. We are all anticipating to see the winners and can’t wait to hear the results. On the 4th of February it’s time, so mark the date in your calendar!

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