Interview Lime Garden: The Making of ‘One More Thing’

Step into the vibrant world of Lime Garden. The band from Brighton is a rising sensation in the indie world that you don’t want to miss out on! With their debut LP One More Thing, already making waves, Chloe, Tippi, Annabel and Leila will have a busy year of touring ahead of them. While sitting down with singer Chloe Howard and bassist Tippi Morgan we discussed the nostalgic vibes of their childhood influences, the excitement of upcoming tours and the surreal moments of being praised by idols. Join us as we unravel the layers of Lime Garden’s musical journey and discover the essence of their new LP One More Thing. 

What do you want people to feel like when they listen to your album One More Thing. What’s the vibe that you want to create with the album? 

Tippi: I think it’s like providing a comfort to people growing up in their 20s who are, you know, sort of experiencing the same things as us. 

Chloe: Like a warm hug.  

Tippi: Yeah, like an older sister. 

Chloe: Hm like a cool woman in her 30s who tells you it’s all going to be okay. That’s kind of what we want it to feel like. 

That’s really sweet. And did you have any big musical influences when you were making the album, like stuff that you listened to or that just inspired you? 

Chloe: We had loads, I think we went back to a lot of our childhood influences, didn’t we? So things like MGMT, The Strokes, and who else…  

Tippi: LCD Sound System. 

Chloe: Yeah, LCD Sound System as well. Those were like really cool ones for us.  When we we’re making the record, it was fun because yeah, we could go back to like our childhood influences. 

Chloe Howard, Tippi Morgan, Annabel Whittle , Leila Deeley (left to right) / Photo by: Percy Walker Smith

Those are awesome. I looked up your music videos, they’re also like really playful and very vibrant. Such a cool aesthetic! Do you come up with the concepts yourself? 

Tippi: Sort of yeah, we’ll start with like a an extremely vague idea that honestly doesn’t make much sense.

Chloe: Apart from to each other.  

Tippi: We’re so lucky to, like work with amazing videographers who just get it instantly and then they’ll just spin the whole idea and it’s just it comes out way better than we could ever put into words, you know? Usually like, we’ll start with something, but it’s a lot of effort from a team to create something. 

Do you actually have a favourite music video of yours? 

Tippi: I think Clockwork is just a really great one. It’s just fun, I still remember the day and like it just turned into something so much more than I like envisioned it to be. And I think Love Song as well. We shot that video so quickly, and it came out looking like incredible.  

Chloe: I think I Want To Be You is my favourite. 

Tippi: Yeah, they all are to be honest. They just were in different point of our life and stages what we were doing.  

Yeah, I really like the one of Love Song as well it was the first one I saw actually. I bet you have a lot of stuff coming up this year, it’s probably going to be like really big year for you guys. Do you have anything specific planned that you’re really looking forward to? 

Chloe: You know, I think just touring cause we’ve never toured so extensively before, like in a chunk of time. We’ve got the tour in the UK and then Europe and then we’re going round America for a little bit. So yeah, we’re just really, really excited. 

Tippi: Yeah, just for all of it. 

Chloe: We love being on the road and we love playing live and there’s so many songs that people haven’t heard yet. So I think we’re just really excited to just be on the road for the whole year. 

I can imagine. Do you have any bets which song off the new album will be a fan favourite? 

Tippi: Yeah, I think it’s going to be Floor. It’s so fun to play live for us. I think it’s going to be fun to see the reactions to it. I think they’re gonna love it.  

It must be so exciting to, like, get to see all the reactions on release day.  

Chloe: Also terrifying. 

I get it! As a creative, I think every time you put out something you’re so proud but also full of anxiety at the same time.  

Chloe: Totally. 

To take away from your worries: I really love the song Pine. I think lyric-wise it is probably my favourite on the album. How did you come up with it? Like, where did you start and what does it mean to you as a band? 

Chloe: So it started out when Annabel found a sample of like an old Scottish folk songs, isn’t it? She kind of messed around with and there was, like, zero time signature to it as well. It was such a confusing song to work with. There was this crazy baseline that was just like hard.  

Tippi: I remember when she showed it to me and I was like, Annabel I can’t play that I literally can’t play that. 

Chloe: When we all got into a room to play it together noone knew what was going on it was crazy. But it eventually morphed into, you know the lovely song that it is now. But lyrically, I think it started out when I was in this sort of music business thing. And I was just looking around wondering about just about how many people before me have wanted to do what I’m doing. And how many people will be here after me wanting to do what I’m doing.  And I think a lot of making art. I think if you put out art into the world, you have a bit of an ego to begin with because I I think if you didn’t, you wouldn’t feel the need to share it with people. The song is kind of about accepting that side of yourself and I think I always thought that maybe I didn’t have it. But then I realised that actually I would just keep the songs to myself. If I thought they weren’t any good, you know what I mean? And then also and like vocally it was definitely a challenge. I’ve never done anything like that before, very inspired by like Caroline Polacheck and stuff. She’s the coolest. So we were just trying out some new vibes. 

Tippi: I think it paid off big time. 

Always love some Caroline Polachek influences! Pine was my immediate favourite because it was so complex and interesting to listen to, oh and the background vocals are amazing. You said you’re going to be touring a lot. Do you have a dream festival which you really want to play? 

Tippi: I would love to play Primavera, but we haven’t been offered it yet. 

Chloe: Yeah, Primavera for sure. Where are they?? At Primavera get us booked.  

Tippi: It would also be great to go back to Glastonbury again.  

Chloe: Yeah, the Glastonbury again would be amazing. And also, Coachella.  

Tippi: Honestly, yeah any festival. Festivals are just the best part of the year, so I just think any of them. 

Chloe: Yeah. But they’re the big three we would love to play. 

Good choices. I hope to see you at a festival in Rotterdam this year! Now to really exciting news:  Hayley Williams was talking about your band and said that she’s a big fan. How did you feel when you found out? 

Tippi: It was unbelievable.  

Chloe: Yeah, I thought it was a joke.  

Tippi: Someone posted it on our WhatsApp chat I think like a picture of an article saying like “Hayley Williams Favourite new Band” And I really thought someone like photoshopped it. I thought it was a cruel joke and it still doesn’t feel real.  

Chloe: It’s still one of the craziest things that ever happened. The fact that we are not massive band in streaming you know and like for her to have found us is so wild. 

Tippi: Especially because we are like 4 big fans of her.  

Chloe: I mean we all had like posters of her on our walls and she’s such an inspiration to us. It was crazy and I think I cried, actually. 

I mean, yeah, I’d be bawling my eyes out too. It’s so cool, I am really happy for you guys! Hypothetically, if you would get the chance to perform one Paramore song with her together on stage, which song would you pick if you had the choice? 

Tippi: Sort of anything. But there’s one which she doesn’t sing a lot because it’s so vocally challenging. All I Wanted, yeah I’d love to play that one. 

Chloe: Just to meet her would already be a dream. 

I really hope you do. Fingers crossed! For people who don’t know you yet, what’s one thing you want them to know about Lime Garden?  

Tippi: I think it’s nice to know, not to put us down, but that we’re quite average, like in real life. You know, we’re still living the same life as a lot of other 20-year-olds, working a job and we’re also still figuring stuff out. I want people to know that we’re not on some kind of big level. We are just ourselves and figuring shit out too. 

Chloe: It’s always nice for them to know they’re not alone. 

That sounds exactly like the vibe of the album you explained, like giving your fans a hug and making them feel less alone. Love that! Coming to my last question, do you have any plans for release day?  

Chloe: We are going to play an in-store show in a record store in Brighton called resident.  

Tippi: And then we’ve got a party planned. 

Chloe: Yes a big old album party is happening. It’s gonna be a bit silly and it’s gonna get a bit loose.

Tippi: It’ll be a good time. 

You totally have a reason to celebrate, congratulations to your first LP One More Thing coming out.

Lime Garden have a huge year coming up and I can see them winning over hearts of many fans with their authenticity and playfulness. The influences they draw upon, the challenges they overcome, and the dreams they pursue all reflect a journey that many can relate to. One More Thing is exploring the chaos called life. Lime Gardens authenticity shines through in both their music and their personalities, reminding fans that they’re not alone in their struggles and triumphs. 

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