Jesse Jo Stark – Concert Experience

On the 6th of September the American singer “Jesse Jo Stark” heated up the “Rotown” Rotterdam with an energetic show. On the Doomed Tour she gets to finally perform her latest album “DOOMED” in Europe. Every song has its own life and she takes us through the variety of her discography.

Pre-Show Impressions

Let me set the scene. It’s 30 degrees in the Netherlands, everyone is excited to enjoy the last summer days and a bunch of people stand in line in front of the venue Rotown. If you look around there’s dyed hair, leather skirts and fishnets and many excited smiles to be found in the queue. “This is the hottest crowd we ever had”, said the support act “SO-FI“, complementing everyone’s outfits and makeup. The Dutch indie-pop singer played her new EP and impressed us with her talent on multiple instruments.

Time to Dance

As Jesse Jo Stark comes on stage she immediately has the attention from everyone in the room. Her charismatic energy and confidence is truly radiating on stage. Jesse is a storyteller through and through. Her lyrics are just as expressive as her dancing on stage, which compliments each track and its vibe.

Fans were screaming when the American singer got to the front row and held their hands during her song “Tangerine”. “This is an older track, maybe some of you know it”, she said. When I looked around there were happy faces singing along, so it seems like there were some dedicated fans in the room. Jesse Jo Stark interacted with the crowd on many occasions. She gave the microphone to some fans at some parts and even chose one fans to step up to the front row and sang with them together. This ended up with Jesse fully joining the crowd and dancing and jumping around with her fans.

I am amazed by the singers diversity. She announced a calm acoustic ballad after just making the whole room jump a few minutes earlier. Jesse plays her older song “Driftwood” and then continues to play an unreleased track called “Fallout” on her acoustic guitar. “This is about someone making you feel crazy”, she said and got the attention of everyone diving into this new tune.

Right after this, it’s time for the finale and the club got hot and loud for three last songs. Jesse screamed into her glitter megaphone for the song “patterns” and rocked the stage like there’s no tomorrow. Finally she played “Fire Of Love” which once again showed her breath taking vocals and made the crowd dance for a last song.

An Evening to Remember!

As I leave the venue I am happy and fulfilled and see many fans chatting about the show outside with a beer. If you want variety in a concert, Jesse Jo Stark is the artist to watch! From rock over indie to country influences there is so much to be found in her music. And seeing her amazing fanbase, it seems like a big win to be one of them.

Photos by: Louisa Schumacher

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