Kate Peytavin: About her Love for Vintage and Upcoming Releases

Kate Peytavin is taking over the alt-pop world with her nostalgic and angsty songs which create vivid pictures and make you go through a whirlwind of emotions when you listen to them. The 18-year-old artist was born in Louisiana but moved to LA to pursue the dream of being a singer. In celebration of her brand new single Whole Heart Black she gave a press conference to let us into her artistic world.

Teenage Angst and Mystical Sounds

Inspired by artists like Lana Del Rey and Suki Waterhouse, Kate’s music has a moody and vintage feel to it. The LA-based artist makes Pinterest boards to gather visuals that match her songs and creates visualizers for her tracks that lead you into her mystical world. On her new song Kate was inspired by the 90’s and 2000’s sound while lyrics follow a motif of teenage angst. Making music allows Kate to explore her feelings and understand her mind in a deeper way.

How did you evolve from the start of your career to now releasing this track?

In the studio I feel like it is much easier to open up and let it go. I also dare to experiment more. I had this down tempo and knew how to do it well but I used to feel too comfortable and needed to try something different. Now that I am experimenting I realize it is much more beneficial to me.

What advice would you give your younger self?

If I could go back in time I’d tell myself to not care so much about what other people think. I was scared to open up to other people at first and scared to tell my stories, but that’s how you make the good songs. I wish I did that more in the beginning because once the walls come down it’s so much easier.

Final Thoughts

Kate gave herself more room to experiment with new sounds and rewards us with exciting new tracks. Using metaphors, Kate likes to hide little messages in her songs and dares to let her walls down to share personal stories. Overcoming the obstacles of entering the music industry at a young age, Kate Peytavin works hard to be taken seriously and makes a name for herself while finding her own unique style.

Kate’s biggest dream is to get to perform live. In her journals and Pinterest boards she has everything planned out from lighting to set design to performance. In 2024 we are routing for her live-show era to kick off and to see more of her vintage aesthetic. Stream Whole Heart Black and follow Kate Peytavin to not miss out on any exciting new projects.

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