MAY-A: The EP “Analysis Paralysis” is Discovering her Various Talents

As much as I want to gatekeep this new music gem, I just can’t shut up about how amazing MAY-A is. So let me introduce you to her newest project! The 22-year old Australian musician and visual artist suddenly popped up on my TikTok for you page and haven’t left my mind since then. Her song Lola captured my attention and made me fall in love with the new EP Analysis Paralysis, which came out in September2023.

Get ready for artsy music videos, queer anthems and a big dose of grungy pop rock.

Let’s Dive Into the Songs

The first song Something Familiar has a light sound and dynamic feel to it. MAY-A describes the addicting feeling to go back to a person even when you know that it is bad for you. She finds words for the confusing inner conflict of moving on and falling back into old patterns.

Your Funeral continues a similar storyline of unhappy love and relationships. This song is like a warning for her next lover as she believes to not be a good partner in the long run. “I’m no good for you. Oh, I’m only good in a small dose. Too much if you’re too close.” The bridge creates a calm and intimate moment in the upbeat song that bring even more attention to these confessional lyrics.

This song might just become the new queer anthem. Lola is a track that just immediately gets stuck in your head. The Australian singer captures the frustration of having a crush when you know it will never work out between you and them. (But you still hang on to the delusion, obviously!) Relatable lyrics and synthesizer-induced indie-pop make it a big highlight of the EP. Don’t miss out on the amazing music video with skater vibes, retro filters and an artsy friend group to get lowkey jealous of.

Sweat You Out My System has such a unique sound to it that really highlights MAY-A’s raw voice. Just like the title implies she puts the almost addiction-like experience of getting over a person into her song writing. She doesn’t shy away from the ugly truths of how helpless it can feel to be alone again after leaving a relationship behind. This is the artists most streamed song and I agree that the production is definitely a standout on this EP.

Get ready, next up is my absolute favourite off the album! Ifyoulikeitlikethat just makes me feel very nostalgic in a way that I just know my 15-year old self would’ve loved this song so much. It reminds me of early “PVRIS” music in the way MAY-A plays with the power of her voice and adds a grungy electric guitar and drum rhythm to this track. It is the perfect hype-song in the morning when you need some motivation for your day or need to let out some anger.

Guilty Conscience explores the topics of guilt, manipulation and alienation from a person you were once close to. “We’re sleeping with more room. Feel like I don’t know you. Love me with an empty promise. Kiss me with your guilty conscience.” Wait for the best part at the end, when MAY-A’s voice turns into an echo and a whisper when the lyrics take a turn. And check out the video below.

Unlike all the other songs Superior Liar starts off calmly with the singers crystal clear voice and minimalistic guitar chords. The final song builds up in the chorus when drums intensify and MAY-A declares another person the superior liar and realizes that she underestimated them. She might have lost this battle but I am sure we will hear of a winning story in her future music.

The Start of Something Big…

Analysis Paralysis is a redirection from MAY-A’s previous music. The title relates to the struggle of coming of age and finding yourself. Just as there are different versions of Maya there are different vibes in the singers EP. MAY-A discovers a darker sound and shows us the variety of talents within her. This EP feels like the start of something big and I can’t wait to hear about new projects from this upcoming talent!

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