Nieve Ella on stage in Amsterdam at Paradiso

Nieve Ella Rocks Paradiso: Fan Love & Unreleased Hits

When you see bows in braided hair and flowy outfits with ruffles and lace, you know you’re at the right place! The indie newcomer Nieve Ella played the Paradiso Amsterdam on the 20th of April and her fanbase showed up in style and full of energy and dedication. From start to finish her fans screamed along every word to every song. Even the ones that are not released yet! 

Photo Credit: Louisa Schumacher

Dynamic Set and Vibrant Performance

Nieve and her band played a variety of songs from fan favourites to covers to unreleased tracks and shared background stories to most of the tracks. You could just see the excitement and joy radiating from the musicians on stage. This was definitely mirrored in the crowd. The room was quite literally shaking when the sold-out room of 250 fans jumped along to songs like “His Sofa” or “Car Park”. Just minutes later, teary eyes and goosebumps spread across the room. When the fan project to Nieve’s song “Lifetime of Wanting” succeeded and hundreds of cut out hearts saying “You’re everything we wanted” swayed along to the sounds of this acoustic ballad. 

Fan Love <3

Nieve Ella received plenty of presents during the concert which got implemented into the show without hesitation. Two traditional Dutch bunny plushies found a spot in the first row on stage. A Dutch flag with signature from her fans which was placed on her microphone stand. And a glittery cowboy hat served as an accessory during the shimmering finale of “Girlfriend”. After the show Nieve and her band stayed behind for some minutes to share hugs with fans in the front row and collect some more presents. 

Final Thoughts

The price for the most wholesome and dedicated fanbase goes to Nieve Ella. The personal interactions combined with her energetic aura on stage created a very special atmosphere in the venue. You could just forget everything for an hour and dive into the sound and safety of girlhood. After opening for the band Inhaler last year this is Nieve Ellas first headline tour in Europe. We can’t wait to hopefully welcome her back soon! With promising unreleased songs and the support of her incredible fans Nieve Ella might be a big hit in the indie spere soon, so make sure to check her out

Photo Credits: Louisa Schumacher

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