• Cigarettes After Sex band portrait in black and white.
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    Cigarettes After Sex Share New Single Dark Vacay: From Heartbreak and Nostalgia

    Cigarettes After Sex released the second single “Dark Vacay” of their anticipated upcoming album “X’s”. The song dives into the topic of looking back to beautiful memories from a perspective where they already fell apart. The nostalgia of wishing you appreciated the beauty while it lasted is captured in the moody soundscape, tranquil guitars and hushed vocals. Lead singer Greg Gonzalez describes the song like this: “This song is about a romance I had a few years ago. We went on tour together & were lucky enough to go to all these wonderful places, mostly having fun at first. As the tour continued though, everything started falling apart & we…

  • Cover picture in Black and white of the new Aimei媚 track "I Like U Looking At Me"
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    Aimei媚 Releases New Track “I Like U Looking At Me”

    Aimei媚 is a young talent that brings fresh sounds into the realm of dark pop and adds catchy electronic beats to her tracks. With only two released songs she is already showing off her huge potential. Can it be a hot summer day already? Because her new single I Like U Looking At Me is the perfect song to dance a summer night away! It steps into the footsteps of her first single V&V which sets a similar brilliant tone. Blurry visuals, catchy melodies, and lyrics that capture the feeling of figuring out the world all unite in the fluorescent world of Aimei媚 . The style of Aimei媚 is distinct…

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    Em Beihold: Telling Us Why “Maybe Life is Good”

    Giving us hope and brutal honesty in her songs, that’s what Em Beihold stands for. In a press conference organized by °1824 the American singer talks about her newest single “Maybe Life is Good”, the upcoming tour and her goals for the year. We got to know a lot about the backgrounds of Em Beiholds music and will share to most important news from the conference with you! Get to know Em Beihold… She called out her music for having a theme of “Anxiety, but make it Pop” and honestly that’s spot on. Her bubbly aura and bright visuals give a lightness to the deep topics she discusses. Her music…

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    Telenova releases new single Teardrop: Cinema For Your Ears

    Telenova is a new trio from Melbourne, Australia that combines cinematic videos and thoughtful songs into their sound-landscape, which is unforgettable. “Cinema For Your Ears” as the band calls it themselves. On their newest single Teardrop the band discovers the depths of human emotions and how conflicting the journey to happiness can be. The Asian-Australian frontwomen Angeline Armstrong creates a unique sound and feel with her background in filmmaking and songwriting. With the power of Edward Quinn & Joshua Moriarty as multi-instrumentalists Telenova crafts their electric sound which is gaining popularity all over the world. Touring internationally with artists like RUEL, Telenova is growing their fanbase and making a name for…

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    Kate Peytavin: About her Love for Vintage and Upcoming Releases

    Kate Peytavin is taking over the alt-pop world with her nostalgic and angsty songs which create vivid pictures and make you go through a whirlwind of emotions when you listen to them. The 18-year-old artist was born in Louisiana but moved to LA to pursue the dream of being a singer. In celebration of her brand new single Whole Heart Black she gave a press conference to let us into her artistic world. Teenage Angst and Mystical Sounds Inspired by artists like Lana Del Rey and Suki Waterhouse, Kate’s music has a moody and vintage feel to it. The LA-based artist makes Pinterest boards to gather visuals that match her…