The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Music Lovers

Only a few weeks left until Christmas, are you still looking for presents for your loved ones ? Same, but no worries I got you covered! If you have any music lovers then this gift guide will take you far. I will share my favourite picks for personal and thoughtful presents that will make every music enthousiasts heart beat faster. Let’s get started.

The Vinyl Collector:

White Slipmat for their Record Player:

You know a vinyl collector? Listen up! All their pretty coloured records will look SO much better on a white slip mat. Change the standard dark slip mat to this one and watch the colours come to life. When you already have all those pretty special edition records, might as well make these colours pop!

Now Playing” Shelve to Perfectly Present their Favourite Vinyl:

Isn’t this cute ? With a cute shelve above their record player, every time they put on a new record they can place the cover on this light up shelve. It will be such a pretty addition to anyone’s vinyl corner and truly gives some character to every room. It’s a must for all the vinyl collectors out there.

Personalized Vinyl for that Special Someone:

Here comes my absolute favourite idea from this gift guide: A personalized vinyl for that very special person in your life. I’m not gonna lie, I would cry if someone ever gave this to me. On this website you can choose your desired songs, create a vinyl design (even picture discs!!), choose the size and shape of the record and even design your own cover sleeve. It takes some work and effort but I bet the person receiving this special gift will appreciate all the love and effort that went into your creative project.

The Concert Addict:

Loop Earplugs are a Stylish Lifesaver :

We all love to go to a concert! But most people underestimate the damage it can do to our hearing. I can highly recommend investing in those earplugs once and saving your hearing longterm. Loop Earplugs give you the full live music experience and also look really nice. So if you know a music lover that constantly has tickets for a gig, do them a favour and invest in their health.

Concert Journal to Collect all those Amazing Memories:

The memory of a concert stays with us forever, but this concert journal is a super fun way to collect all your tickets, wristbands, confetti, photos and additional memories in one place. Imagine going on a time travel flipping through all those pages when you’re older… get this gift quickly so it is ready for their next concert:)

Phone Case with Charger That will Truly Save the Day:

Concerts are very special days that we look forward to since the day we buy tickets. Of you want to take pictures of this unique event, record your favourite song or take pictures with your friends. The hardcore fans spend hours in the queue to secure a spot at barricade to be extra close to their idols. This phonecase has a charger built inside so it might just save you from running out of battery on those long and important days.

Beads Set:

Swifties started the trend of trading friendship bracelets at concerts. But the hype doesn’t stop here! At several other shown fans were seen trading bracelets as well. Get the beads set for your favourite fan girl friend and they can personalize their own bracelets to get ready for their next concert. It is also a nice activityto do together in case you are their designated concert buddy 🙂

The Aesthetic Girlies:

Neon Sign to Light Up the Room:

Who doesn’t love a neon sign to make their room look more aesthetic? They will make every space more cozy and especially look great in a little vinyl corner for all the record collectors out there. You know a friend that somehow always finds the cutest home decor and looks super put together. I bet this will fit their aesthetic and be a great addition to their collection of prety things.

Guitar Strap for all the Musical Talents out There:

Do you know someone who plays the bass or guitar? I bet they will love you for getting them a cute and stylish guitar/bass strap. There are so many designs online and I am sure there is one for every taste. If you have a talented friend go treat them to this special and practical gift.

Vinyl Coasters:

Having friends over and serving a round of drinks? It will look so cool to just hand out coasters in the shape of vinyls to your friends. They look super cute and might just start a fun conversation on your favourite artists and albums.

Marshall Key Holder:

This one is for your chaotic friends. Do you know someone who ALWAYS loses their keys? Honestly, this gift guide just gave you the trick to make their life so much easier. The wall key holder by Marshall looks super cute next to your door and will save so much time looking for those keys. (More time which they will have listening to music, yay)

Enjoy your Holidays

The Christmas time can be quite stressful so I hope this gift guide made your life a little easier. To make it even more simple I created a Gift Kit with all mentiones products right here. Click it, and go check off the christmas gift problem of your to-do list. And don’t forget to poor yourself a hot chocolate and also enjoy the Christmas Shopping a little 🙂

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