Tuning In: A Closer Look At Holly Humberstones Album Launch

From loneliness to the power of sisterhood. In a press conference by °1824 the singer and songwriter Holly Humberstone answered question about her debut album Paint My Bedroom Black. In 13 diverse tracks Holly experiments with her sounds and ties the whole project together by her lyricism.

The theme of the album…

The album was mainly written on tour or back in the days of lockdown. This resolves in a coherent theme of being stuck in a room, feeling the effects of distance and finding true appreciation for your friends. While Hollys first two EP’s were very bound to a place she now explores the strange feeling of being lost.

On Tour Holly experienced many ups and downs but when she had a day off in the studio she could finally let it all go. By writing, she makes sense of her experiences and finds the pieces of herself which she wants to hold on to. In this new era of her music she lets go of the fear to show new sides of her and dares to be more vulnerable.

Which song did you write first and how did it affect the rest of the album?

The first song I wrote was Room Service and I immediately knew it would have to be the closing track. It is a lovesong to my friends and just felt very special. When I wrote it in the middle of lockdown, I had the same feelings which I experienced on tour. It felt fitting to add it. Room Service turned out to be one of my favourites and I love to play it live. In my opinion, we need way more songs about platonic love. That’s why I continued to write about friendship on this record.

What is your relationship with femininity?

My whole life I was surrounded by many women and it makes me feel very powerful. Growing up with 3 sisters and going to an all girls school taught me to express my emotions properly. I am very proud to be part of such an incredible generation of female artists and songwriters that dare to show the deepest parts of themselves in music. Being a girl rocks and I had an amazing time supporting Girl In Red and Olivia Rodrigo on tour. Entering the industry it felt like woman were pitted against each other. Luckily, I am in a good headspace now. It allows me to see them as people to learn from instead of competition.

Final Thoughts

On this record Holly did not want to recreate her old work but come up with something new. When a song felt cinematic and she could see the visuals to the music she knew it was good. Looking back she still remembers the days where she finished a new song all too well. There is a euphoric feeling of finally releasing emotions and going back to the studio. It feels very special to her when she gets to create music after a long time.

Originally her song Cocoon was supposed to be the title track with its lyrics “I’m just going through something” as the album title. Afterall, she decided that Paint My Bedroom Black summed up her feelings at the time the best. It describes Holly saving herself from all the negativity that was surrounding her. She wanted to shut out the world and writing songs helped her to relieve the weight on her shoulders. A record for anyone in their 20s struggling to navigate the chaos, as it beautifully describes the various layer of life.

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