Welcome to FIZZ – Ville! – The Secret to Life is Friendship

°1824 Press Conference

On the 27th of October FIZZ released their debut album The Secret of Life which gave us a peak into a colourful and crazy imaginative world. °1824 organised a press conference where Orla Gartland, Martin Luke Brown, Dodie Clark and Greta Isaac took their time to give many press outlets insights into the wild journey of their project.

The 12 tracks on this album discover the scary low points in life as well as the manic highs in our happiest moments. A the manic highs in our happiest moments. A heavy whirlwind of emotions that gets so much easier when you have the right people by your side. The four musicians from the UK joined forces in this band project and learned many valuable lessons from one another. The main one: That friendship is the secret to life!

Detached from their solo projects and in a safe environment of friendship they dared to play and make “mistakes” which led to the amazing debut record, surreal visuals and free experiments which came together in only two weeks!

How do the visuals contribute to the music ?

We took a lot of inspiration from movies that we loved in our childhood, like Willy Wonka or Alice in Wonderland. They all start in the normal life and then continue in this other world where the characters learn something about themselves or their environment. We created the idea of Fizzeville which is like a themepark town with different locations and rides. It resembles the dreamstate we were in when we created music together and tells our story beyond the songs. This album truly is a sonic mirror of us.

How did the project evolve over time?

Since we created everything in only two weeks there was no time to overthink or rework songs. The final versions are super similar to the real atmosphere and the first versions we came up with. It was like we unlearned the ways of being an artist and went back to our roots. We all haven’t had this feeling while making music in such a long time. Probably not since we were teenagers and making music in our rooms.

Dive into the world of FIZZ…

Final Thoughts

It was truly so much fun to hear FIZZ retell the story of how they first met and how they evolved to become the artists they are now. They are aware of their privileged situation to be able to take a leap and play. Still, they advised every creative person to look for an environment where they are fully supported. “Choose friends that will celebrate you” said Greta Isaac. In this atmosphere creativity soars and you can achieve amazing things!

When FIZZ is making music together their voices blend into one, and the equal playground led to a lot of character development. In their safe space the artists flourished and tried daring fashion, sounds and expressions of themselves. If you want to check out one song that truly sums up the bands whole vibe I’d say go listen to “The Grand Finale”. FIZZ lovingly called the incredible closing track their personal “Bohemian Rhapsody”. An emotional goodbye to the time they spent during this project.

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