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The 8 Most Memorable Sets I Saw At Down The Rabbit Hole Festival 2023

In the middle of the Netherlands, at the Groene Heuvels, music lovers gather each year to enjoy the multi-genre festival Down The Rabbit Hole that has everything you could wish for. In three days, you camp at a lakeside with sand and volleyball nets so whenever you are not at the festival you have a great are to relax and enjoy time with your friends. 

As you enter the festival ground there is a variety of 12 stages that host artists from EDM to Indie-Rock to Rap and definitely have a fit for everyone’s taste in music. 

Best Party of the Weekend with Fred Again.. 

It is hard to describe a live set of Fred Again.. you just need to experience it! It was the life of the party and super emotional at the same time. The British producer, singer and songwriter has gained popularity over the last two years and now closed the main stage of the first festival day in front of thousands of people singing along to his songs, shedding a tear and dancing all at once. It was a magical moment that deserved a clear spot one on this list! 

Best Fanbase at 070 Shake 

I got lucky to secure a spot in the front row at the show of US rapper 070 Shake – And let me tell you the vibes were amazing! Before the singer came on stage fans have been excitingly discussing their favourite tracks and history of concerts. One guy even had a tattoo of the artists album Modus Vivendi on his leg and was hoping to be able to show it to her. Once the singer entered the smoke-filled stage and bass took over there was no holding back. 070 Shake hyped up the crowd and the barricade was shaking from people jumping and mosh pits forming everywhere. If there was a price for the most dedicated fanbase at DTRH 2023 there would be a clear winner here! 

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Best Goosebumps Moment at Paolo Nutini

The Scottish Indie-Rock and Folk singer had the honour to close the biggest main stage on Sunday evening and did an impressive job. The space was filled with people, and it was an incredibly special feeling in the air at his set. The crowd was dancing around freely, people were hugging and crying and just fully taking in the emotions he transfers through his songs. The weekend came to a beautiful end as he sang his song Shine A Light and turned the space into a beautiful sea of flashlights swaying along. Paolo Nutini himself said “Don’t ever stop”, not wanting this magical night to end, just as much as the crowd wanted to keep going. But all beautiful things have to end sometime and there couldn’t have been a better way to close DTRH. 

Best Stage Presence from King Princess

One performance that sticked out for sure was the one King Princess put on at Teddy Widder stage. As she jumped across the stage, she made sure all eyes were on her. There is something captivating about her performance and quickly the crowd matched her energy and danced along. The American singer played electric and acoustic guitar, interacted with her fans and really made use of every minute in her one-hour set. 

Best Crowd Energy at La Femme

I stumbled into the French synthetic punk rock band on accident. Basically, it was impossible to walk by and not pay attention to what was happening in that tent. The crowd was going wild for the French quintet witch was jumping all over the stage with their many instruments. No one in that tent was standing still and continuously for every song there were circle pits and mosh pits opening to go crazy with the French tunes of La Femme. It is one of those sets you had not marked on your timetable but are so happy to stumble into along the way. This crowd energy and level of fun remains unmatched for what I’ve seen that weekend. 

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Best Summer Vibes at Sticky Fingers

The Australian reggae-rock band played the mainstage Hotot on Saturday afternoon. Even though it kept raining every now and then, they brought the sun to us in their music. There is no discussion that the five guys on stage know what they are doing with their instruments. The band has a long history and manages to bring on good vibes and make a crowd dance in the rain like it’s nothing. A Sticky Fingers show is just the perfect addition to any summery festival weekend. 

Best Indie Show with Phoenix

Phoenix has everything a good indie band needs. A lead singer with a distinctive voice, driving guitars and drums, and tunes that stay in your head. Their iconic album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix has most of their well-known songs. Eyes lit up in the crowd every time someone recognizes one of their tracks. With a history of 7 albums, they filled an hour long set with only hits that brought the ultimate indie party to DTRH on Sunday. 

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Best Stage Design at Ethel Cain

The American Indie Newcomer had one of the most impressive albums of 2022. With Preacher’s Daughter she puts haunting storytelling into beautiful songs and created an unforgettable album. Naturally, I had to check out her festival set and was excited to hear her voice live at Down The Rabbit Hole. Ethel Cain has an angelic voice that does not need a big show, so she stood at her microphone stand most of the time. This gave room to fully take in her voice and watch the interesting visuals behind the young singer. Small tv-like screens captured your attention with videos and text. All in all, it was a magical show that worked together so well with her calm aura, moving visuals and most importantly an enchanting voice. 

See You Next Year!

45.000 people went down the rabbit hole for three days and infinite memories were made. This festival should be added to your European Festival Bucket List for sure! We can’t wait for next year’s line-up but just like the last years, the expectations are high. If you have been there or not, I hope this article gave you a good impression of the variety of experiences at Down The Rabbit Hole.

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